“Authors and Directors with a Cause: Inspiring Young Europeans Today?” (“ADC”)


“Authors and Directors with a Cause : Inspiring Young Europeans Today?” (“ADC”) 2014/2016

Regulations of the contest

  1. General Objective

To organize a contest for the creation of the official logo for Erasmus+ programme of Strategic Partnerships project “Authors and Directors with a Cause: Inspiring Young Europeans Today?” (“ADC”).

  1. Concrete objectives of the partnership
    • To encourage and motivate students to use literature and cinema as means of understanding their social, cultural, economic, political and historic background.
    • To encourage students to communicate in foreign languages with students in other partner schools.
    • To improve students’ media and ICT skills.
    • To promote students’ social skills through participation in various activities.
    • To integrate students with special needs and to promote cross-curricular learning by introducing a variety of different teaching/learning methods.
  1. Use of the logo

This logo will be used in administrative documentation, promotional materials, web pages and other media documents/final products resulting from the project.

  1. Who can participate

All students (individually or in groups) of all schools involved in the project:

  • Lycee Descartes, Tours – France;
  • Stadtteilschule Barmbek, Hamburg – Germany;
  • IX Liceum Ogolnoksztalcace im Jaroslawa Dabrowskiego, Lodz – Poland;
  • Zidiku Marijos Peckauskaites vidurine mokykla, Mazeikiai region – Lithuania;
  • Colegiul National Pedagogic “Stefan Velovan”, Craiova – Romania;
  • Agrupamento de Escolas Gil Eanes, Lagos – Portugal;
  • Instituto Comprensivo Lucignano, Lucignano – Italy.
  1. Participation
    • Each participating school submits 3 works.
    • Participants are responsible for the originality of the submitted work.
    • Participants must assume all liability for third party claims in respect of copyright and related rights.
  • Criteria
  • a printed logo or a drawing includes the title of the project;
  • size: 15cm x 15cm;
  • version « black and white » of logo;
  • a and b in digital support (CD, USB device, or other);
  • a description of the logo.
  1. Procedures
    • Each work has to be delivered in a sealed envelope including the pseudonym of the participant.
    • The identification of each participant must contain the full name, year and class. This identification will be kept anonymous.
    • The existence of any signature or initials on the logo will result in elimination from the contest.
  1. Timing
    • The application period runs from the 15th December 2014 until the 27th February 2015.
    • The evaluation of proposals takes place during March 2015 at each school.
    • Three best logos of each school will be sent to Lagos digitally (to make an exposition of them) until the 15th April 2015.
    • The final decision will be announced at the 2nd project meeting that will take place in Lagos, from April 28 to May 2, 2015.
  1. Place and submission deadline

The submission of the logos will expire at 3 pm, on February 27th 2015, at the School Library.

  1. Evaluation Criteria

Works are evaluated with respect to the following criteria:

  • Creativity, quality and relation to the context.
  • Legibility and visibility in digital environments.
  • Ease of reduction/enlargement of formats.
  1. Jury
  2. School stage – The jury consists of five elements: the headmaster or his/ her representative, the coordinator of the project, a teacher of Arts, a school employee and a representative of the students or parents.
  3. Final stage – The jury consists of five elements: the coordinators of the project and one representative of the parents` association.
  1. Awards
    • All participants receive a certificate.
    • The final three are given presents.
    • The winner of the contest receives a prize.
  1. Copyright

The winner has to sign a permission of letting Erasmus+ project “Authors and Directors with a Cause: Inspiring Young Europeans Today?” (“ADC”) use the logo for the purposes mentioned above.


  1. Final
    1. The winning works may be subjected to some minor changes or adjustments by the coordinators of Erasmus+ project.
    2. The participation in this contest implies the acceptance of these regulations.