Romania third place of short story contest


Ruxandra Mogosan

One of my favourite hobbies is analysing people on the bus. Who knows, maybe one day I will see God, trying to make his way home. Anyway, it is quite an adventure to notice the people on the bus. Everyone in that little matchbox has a pretty interesting story hide behind the walls, behind their glumly eyes. I have to admit that they are a pretty catchy mixture of generations, style, education and attitude.

In the afternoon there is the climax, the meeting between the so called “children of the bad Revolution”, the retired people and the mountain dew, I mean the teenagers. The grannies and grandpas are going to the market, while we are going to school, preparing for retiring someday.

You see, dear reader, the old people and the teenagers just can’t get along together in our society. Our kids are living too fast for the elderly to understand. The speed means everything. Meanwhile, our oldies are just trying to remain on their feet when we run by them.

Sometimes, it is our fault. We don’t even stop to look back at them, not mentioning helping them. Some of us don’t even offer the seat to an old person being rude towards a helpless octogenarian.

Some other times, grandpas push their way without asking for permission, mumbling about how uneducated we are. They hit us in our guts and offend us by their manner of speaking and their angry staring.

It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon. My friend, Amy, and I were waiting at the bus stop for our drive. I was observing even the people from the bus stop. Almost all the time there was a different mixture with the same priorities but one person was always there, with no exception. Small and fragile, white-haired, holding a stick in her right hand, having a peaceful image. She was that kind of an old lady whom you would want to be your grandma. She seemed to know a lot of secrets of the humanity.

That day the bus was already filled with people. But we had no other choice than squeeze ourselves in. If not, we would have missed the English class. Hardly had we got on the bus when everyone started melting in the mixture. The old lady was right next to me and I could observe her better from that distance. She was dolled up, looking like a queen, royal and arrogant somehow, but still kind.

“Ouch!” I cried when her sharp stick got on my foot.

“Oh, sorry, deary, but you should have kept you feet safe.” She replied with superiority.

Anger filled me like a poison. I was about to explode because of her remark. Then I just looked around and I found out that she was right. My reaction, even if I didn’t show up my fury, was unjustified. There was no space for my feet to have the luxury of stretching.

I have always been an unusual girl. My mother told me that I had a chameleonic soul. I get angry for a reason or because of a person to find out lately how right that person was or how stupid that thing was. That happened then. I immediately felt sorry for my reaction. The rest of the way I remained quiet and sad somehow. And all of it just because of me.

The image of the old lady on the bus remained in my mind for the rest of the day. Later that night, I realized that I had seen a gleam in her eyes, something that somehow told me to continue the discussion, as if she had wanted a fight with me, as if she had challenged me to respond.

Next day, on Wednesday, there she was again. I was kind of glad to see her. She seemed not to even notice me. Something inside me was telling me to go talk to her, to apologize for the day before, but another part of me kept me inactive.

Shortly after, the bus came and, lucky me, it was almost empty. We got on and I watched her getting the only free seat in there. There wasn’t anyone standing, since everyone had a seat, so the whole standing place was just mine.

Should I go and talk to her now? Should I apologize for yesterday? My thoughts were overwhelming me and they were dragging me in a state of melancholy and guilt. I should have solved the “problem” since yesterday. That feeling of guilt was about to haunt me for a long time to come.

But, surprisingly, my mood didn’t keep long. At the next station a boy got on the bus, that type of “bad boy”, a sort of James Dean, but ugly and uppish, with his band of bullies. He was looking, of course, for a seat. They all were looking for a seat for their leader.

I froze when their eyes stopped on the old lady. The bullies started walking towards her, whispering and giggling.

“Hey, granny! You see, my feet hurt and I really need a place to seat. Would you mind giving me your seat?” the leader spoke.

You can be fooled by the way our boy spoke. But, in reality, you could have read the malice on his face.

He bent over her, threateningly, as if there were a sequel that he didn’t say.

“Well, young man, I am just an old lady who is going to the market. My feet are hurting me all the time. Can you see that young lady standing there?” and she pointed a finger towards me. “She is the only passenger here standing and, on top of that, she is carrying a huge backpack full of books. And I have never seen her sitting down on the bus or asking for a seat.”

It is true. I never sit on the bus. I always let the others. I can still handle the sudden break of the driver or the weight of my backpack. That means I’m still young. When I really need it, I guarantee you that I will sit down on the bus.

But I was still puzzled at hearing her words. Maybe it was because she gave me as an example, or maybe because I realized that in all that time she was analyzing me, too.

“Now, you can follow her example or you can find another person to bother, but one thing I know for sure that you won’t get my seat.” She said determined.

The anger was growing in him every second and his face became red as blood. I was really afraid that he was about to explode in front of me.

“Listen, lady, I want your seat! Get up or I don’t know what I’m capable of!” he said spitting with venom on her poor lady.

I couldn’t stand his behavior. How could he just look at her like that but talk? The adrenaline swept me and, oh, my God, that wasn’t good at all.

“Or what?” I raised my voice upon the whispering of the bullies. “You’re going to hit a helpless old lady? Good for you! You’ll be someone in this city, am I right?” I said with a huge dose of irony.

It felt good for a moment to be brave because the next moment I got scared. All of them turned to me and they were angrier, more ferocious and wicked. It seemed like I was the next target. But, fortunately, a man from the back of the bus came beside me and said:

“Guys, here’s the deal: you let the two ladies alone and get off the bus at the next station and I won’t kick your butt and then call the police. Otherwise, I will keep my promise.”

I wasn’t surprised to see the bullies backing off with fear on their faces. The man who defended us was a real K1 fighter. But if he weren’t there, I don’t know if my karate knowledge could have been enough.

As the K1 fighter said, the bullies got off the bus at the next station and I had never seen them again.

“Thank you, Mr., for defending us.” I said to our savior.

“No problem. I was as disturbed by their behavior as you were. But, next time, for your sake, try to learn how to keep your mouth shout. I don’t know if I’ll be there or someone else will.”, he said parentally.

“I will.” I said full of gratitude. I had finally gathered enough courage and I went to the old lady to ask her if she was fine.

“Oh, deary, I dealt with people worse than that. Thank you for trying to help me. It was really nice of you. What about you?” she asked. “I’m fine. A little scared, but fine. I am Rose Hatthaway.” I said while I was stretching my hand to her. She held it and said “I am Adelaide Fairchild. Rose, can you explain me why teenagers are so rude nowadays?” she asked.

“Tough question! » It depends on education, I guess.” I answered. “But you are not like them. No, you aren’t. I saw your anger yesterday and you were right to be angry because I put my stick on purpose on your foot. But you didn’t react. Why?” she said challenging. “I just didn’t. I found out that you were right after a while. Why did you do that?”

I saw a gleam in her eyes again. I couldn’t figure out what that was just after had she spoken.

“I am estranged. I don’t belong to this world anymore. It is your turn to live. I am old and useless. No kids, no nephews, nothing left behind me. I guess I was gellous on your youth.”

She was feeling alienated in her own world.

“No, you’re not. Old, young, bored, alive, we all belong to this world. You don’t have to feel estranged. You just have to find someone whom you can share your knowledge with and your stories as well.”

I didn’t even realize when she got up her seat. And when the bus stopped in the station at the market and the doors opened, the last thing she said before getting off was “I guess I have just found someone” and she winked.

Romania second place of short stories contest


Andreea Zamfirescu

The girl was laying on the bed tainted in sin with tears running down her face. The situation was too much for her to handle. The choice had already been made. All that time, she had been waiting for a miracle that turned out to be late on showing. Once again she had to fight with her own fears, but, this time, they were so much stronger that she had lost the fight …

She was afraid of loneliness. All her life, she had been looking for her soul mate, waiting for his appearance, longing for his touch. And, finally, when she felt that everything seemed too good to be true, her intuition was right … she had to make a choice that, either way, would affect her future.

Choices are almost never the same with what we are expecting from life. Most of the times, we wish things not to happen the way we are visualising them, the way they are meant to be. Now, she had to make a choice between her “perfect half” and the result of their love, the child she wanted so much.

But why did she have to choose? Why couldn’t he accept the child? Instinctively, when he had suggested her to give up on her own child, she had been running away so much until she found herself in a far neighbourhood. Then, her tears seemed to find a way in his heart for a brief moment, but everything lasted until he talked with his mother. The latter hadn’t even wanted to hear that her precious boy was going to have a child. A before-the-wedding baby was out of the question. She was going to become a mockery for all her relatives and neighbours. No one would have talked about anything but him and his family. So then, he, being scared ofall that gossip, decided, at least for him and his parents’ pride, not to accept a disaster like that!

Once more, the days and hours of crying and begging him, praying for the innocent baby’s life, for what she perceived as redemption, a salvation from all and everything, kept on going …

Now, she was waiting to enter “the doctor’s office”- as his mother named it. But that was far from a real doctor’s office. How could she enter a real doctor’s office and have the guts to tell that she wanted to do an abortion? Abortions were illegal! They were all going to be punished. Thus, the white-coated doctor was replaced by an old disreputable woman. The white-walled office shrunk into a shady chamber with only a filthy-hard-sheeted bed and some candles lightened up in the memory of the lost souls. All that trusty and pure white turned into darkness. And after all this darkness, everyone knew what would follow: red, a lot of red and emptiness… an empty place in her heart, in her soul and in her womb. Red and empty.

The old woman opened the door and approached her in a hurry. The girl was invited inside. She stood up and trembling turned one more time to him. He was speechless. His mother was also there to assure that the disaster wouldn’t stray upon her family. She was speechless, too. No one said anything. And all the things he had said before… so many promises, so many poems, so many love words. Now, it seemed like he had his mouth sewn.

One last time, she looked sadly at the doctor and thought about her family. They knew nothing. Her mother had died from one of these illegal abortions, too, so she preferred to keep speechless, to have her mouth sewn as well.

She entered the chamber. Dark red emptiness…and the lack of freedom to choose for your life!

Losing illusion

Losing illusion

 Catarina Marreiros

In a summer night in Lisbon, like every year, university students come out to have fun. They went to Sky, the largest and the most famous bar in Lisbon. Érica was 19 years old and she was there to enjoy herself dancing with her friends.

She was a very cheerful girl, loved to dance and, as many used to say she liked to enjoy life to the fullest.

She had such a dark brown hair that it could be mistaken with the night. She danced like there was no tomorrow. Women were jealous of her, and men by contrast, felt fascinated and desire for her.

As she danced, someone came from behind and hugged her. She tried to pull away, but the man did not want to let her go. He had been drinking as she felt the smell of alcohol. Suddenly a stranger appeared and helped her by sending the man away.

Erica thanked the stranger and they started a conversation that went on for hours. When the night was over, they decided to exchange their phone numbers and meet again.

After this incident Érica and Samuel (the stranger’s name) met several times. And soon they were dating and after a short time they were married. 

After 17 years of marriage, Érica and Samuel had already had two sons, Nuno, 16 years old, and Sofia, 14. They were 2 adolescents well educated and good students. They were the perfect family, but everything was merely an illusion! As Samuel was a very well succeeded businessman, he was supposed to have a perfect family to be accepted in the business world.

However only those who lived in that house knew the hell that was having that life. 

Erica lived in hell. In the beginning of their marriage everything was very pleasant but then Samuel started to forbidden her from doing certain things, wearing some clothes and even working out of the house.  Erica thought that this was just a phase her husband was going through and things would be better soon. However, this didn’t happen and even got worse.

 When Sofia was born, Samuel became more aggressive and physically violent with Erica. He blamed her and accused her for this and for that and even from sexual misbehavior. Erica accepted this, because she loved her husband and because of the children. She believed he was going to change.

Nuno knew his father was violent to his mother, because he had already witnessed one of those aggressions. He had already felt the fury of his father in his own skin and he was warned that if he dared to tell anyone about that, his mother would be the only one to suffer the consequences. Knowing he was being serious, he remained in silence. 

Nuno was a16-year-old silent boy who would rather keep away from people. His sister was completely the opposite. She was an extroverted teenager, very playful and enjoyed being with other people. Although different, they were very attached to each other.

Sofia had a boyfriend named Lucas. Nuno was not very fond of Lucas. He had already told her that but she was so into Lucas that she didn’t pay attention to his brother’s warnings.  

But one day Nuno’s suspicions became a reality: Sofia saw that Lucas was betraying her with another girl. She couldn’t believe that Lucas was capable of betraying her but that was a fact and so she decided to end their relationship.

She sent Lucas a text message asking him to meet her to talk about their situation. Lucas invited her to his house. When she got there, Lucas opened the door and guided her to the living room.   

– Lucas, we must finish our relationship – Erica said.

– But I do not want to end up – Lucas replied. He standed up.

– You don’t have the right to say that! You were cheating on me, Lucas! I’m not an idiot! – she said loudly – I would find out sooner or later! I’m not going to date with a person who I can’t trust in! I told you I couldn’t stand a treason. This ends here for good! – and turned away towards the door way.

– This relationship only ends when I say so! – Lucas said grabbing violently her arm – You are not going to leave me! You are mine! You belong to me!

– Let me go, Lucas! You are hurting me! – Erica said trying to free herself – AND you don’t own me to force me to do what I do not want to.

– You better shut up! – he cried

– I won’t! – she yield

He slapped on her face violently.

Erica was shocked! She touched her face feeling the pain.

– I told you to shut up!

– You never touch me again – She said in anger.

If I were you I would be really quite or I’m going to slap you again. – he threatened her.

Sofia said anything because she was afraid of Lucas.

– Our relationship is not going to end ever! See if you put this in your silly little head! Now, go home! – he said stepping aside to let her through.

Sofia went home, looked for her brother, and hugged him crying.

– What’s wrong, Sofia? –he was concerned with her – Who did this? – he questioned, furious.

– Lucas did! I found out he was betraying me and decided to end up but he said “No!” and slapped me! – she said crying  

– Everything’s going to be OK, sis. – he said kissing her on her forehead.   

Nuno decided to look for Lucas. He wanted to beat him because he was really furious with him but he controlled himself and gave Lucas just a warning.

Why have you hurt my sister? – he wanted to know

She deserved it! She wanted to split up! – Lucas said 

Stay away from her! Don’t get closer again! Ever!

Lucas tried to punch him but he defended himself and punched Lucas back. “If you come closer to Erica again, you’ll have serious problems with me!”

When he arrived home, his father was waiting for him. 

– Where have you been, you bummer? – he asked aggressively – Who allowed to leave the house? –he asked coming towards the boy and pushing him with violence. – It seems that I have to teach you again to ask for permission before leaving the house. – He grabbed Nuno’s arm with brutality leading him to a room.

He began to punch and kick the boy. Nuno shrunk over to try to protect himself. His father only stopped when Nuno’s mother arrived and began to discuss with him. 

Stop! You have no right to harm my child! Beat me instead!

Furious, Samuel slapped her and threatened her.

But this time Erica decided not to feel or show fear. She stood there, next to her son, in silence. That was the moment when she swore to herself that she wouldn’t allow anyone to hurt her children or herself ever again. She made up her mind: she was going to leave the house. She would take her children and would go straight to the Police – that was her plan!

When the husband was asleep, she packed their suitcases and went to police to complain from the maltreatment suffered. She asked the police for a removal order against her husband. 

They went to a hotel and the next day someone knocked at the door. When Érica opened it Samuel was at the entrance with an angry countenance. He began to discuss with her. Nuno, who had woken up, phoned immediately to the police.

Samuel even tried to attack Érica, but he was prevented and arrested by the police.  

Three days after, he was released. He had enough money to pay the best lawyers to let him out.

Erica, with fear that Samuel would chase them again, took her family to a city by the coast and bought a house. Then she began the look for a job in the field of administration. She had managed to finish university and even went to work but as Samuel didn’t like, she had to stop. 

Erica sent her curriculum for several companies during a month but there was no calls. She was about to feel hopeless when the phone rang. They set up the interview for the next day.

She felt so alive! Finally back to work!

Erica told her children the great news and they were radiant.

Erica was 36 years, she was still a young woman with a lot of energy, so the possibility of working again was wonderful.

When she arrived at the company, she was welcomed by the receptionist who asked her to wait until she was called.

She waited for about 15 minutes.

The receptionist led her to a room where there was a man seated behind a desk with some papers. He had black hair and should be around his 38. He was elegant and with a dominant posture. When he lifted up his head, Erica could see his bright blue eyes that could be confused with the sky. He was a beautiful man.

Rui was a friendly person. In the beginning he seemed to be a bit arrogant, but after a brief conversation one could see he was a good person. 

Erica’s life was getting better: She had already spoken with a lawyer to discuss about the divorce and to solve the situation with her ex-husband. 

She knew nothing about Samuel for months. Now Erica and the children had a new life in that city by the sea. She even decided to date Rui. Life was going on.

But one day when she was returning home, she found Samuel waiting for her by her door. When he saw her he pointed her a gun. She tried to talk with Samuel calling him to reality but that was no good.

He was really upset and out of control. He said that he was going to kill her and if she didn’t want to be his wife then she wouldn’t be no one’s.

Rui, who had decided to surprise Érica, faced with this scene when he arrived to her house. He immediately called the police.

He also tried to calm things down, but it only got worse. Samuel felt mad because he realized Érica found someone to take care of her. Out of control, he shot his wife and run away.  

The police launched an arrest warrant, and after a few hours, Samuel was arrested at Faro airport trying to escape out of the country. 

Meanwhile Erica had left the operation room, where she almost lost his life, and was already in the hospital room recovering.

Today Érica is married with Rui and now has her third son. She lives with someone who respects and cares for her and their children with love. 

Samuel is stuck with a penalty of 20 years in prison for attempted murder and assault. 

Never let anyone to offend you either verbally or physically, because today it can be a yell or a push, but tomorrow you may no longer be here to tell the story.

Never stand in silence in front of the violence!

Because everybody hurts.” REM

The Prodigies

The Prodigies

Leonardo Furtado

Sebastião Pomba is a Portuguese scientist well known because of his researches and scholarships offered to great students of sciences and engineering. His greatest disgust is being as far from achieving his goal as when he dreamed it.

When Raquel, his deceased wife and known historian, was still alive, both found an ancient document in Latin that, in short, said that one day would come to this world five young orphans to save it from its misfortune, which with prestige gifts. That was the problem. In a so big world how could he find those five kids? That was why he started the scholarships program. In a time when science was in an ever growing evolution, he hoped to find at least one of the kids the prophecy mentioned. But Sebastião couldn’t be more mistaken. It had passed three years. Three years! Since the scholarship program started and the scientist’s hope was already fading. When…

Click! Sebastião was relaxed reading one of this favourite books and suddenly de TV turns on. He looks around. Nobody. Don’t remembering to turn the television on he looks for the control. It was on the television table. Weird it’s all he thinks and then turns his attention to what’s on. INTERVIEW TO THE 5 GREATEST EUROPEAN PRODIGIES. Five? The interviewer gives a little introduction:

…Luna, from Italy, Enzo, from France, Klaus, from German, Rozalija, from Lituania, and Adelina, from Romania, are considered the greatest prodigies of Europe. Though all of them are orphans, they certainly have «gifts» according to which one of their areas. Luna speaks, writes and understands all the actual European languages and even more. Enzo has already created more than six imaginary worlds, most of them being converted to Graphic Novels. Klaus always had all he wanted because of his persuasion power and I’m sure I’m not the only one thinking he’s going to be a great politician in the future. Rozalija write in a so beautiful way that would leave Shakespeare mouth dropped. And Adelina would surprise any genius mathematician that presented her a problem or challenge with her intelligence and solving speed. If you want to know more about these young prodigies, that I remember being just sixteen, stay for the interview.”

Wow! Sebastião wasn’t expecting this. After so many years, all the answers show up right in front of his nose. The scientist jumps of the couch directly to his office, impatiently turns on the computer and searches THE 5 EUROPEAN PRODIGIES. Boom! An infinity of websites show up on the screen. The scientist chooses what he thinks is the more appropriate one and reads:

Luna, Enzo, Klaus, Rozalija and Adelina, although being from distinct European countries, they all affirm to be orphans, to live of their «gifts» and based on them to want to help save the world they collapse bit by bit while growing up. The five are coming to Portugal in June to cast their projects and will give an interview that will be broadcast internationally on the 9th of the same at 15h10 at the Centro Cultural de Belém.”

This was his chance! Sebastião packed, took the prophecy off the safe and, in that same afternoon, left for Lisbon.


Luna was exhausted. The interview had been extremely tiring. It was a pleasure to meet the others prodigies and, although being so different from each others, having so many opinions in common. But the girl didn’t understand how could they realize they projects and dreams when people didn’t understand them, didn’t realize the importance of replanting forests , of creating landscapes and more crop fields without the use of chemicals, of closing factories temporarily for the installation of new machines and new processes of production less pollutants, and so on. All the prodigies were seeing the world where they were born self-destruct through the pollution, the political instability and disagreement between nations that every time grow closer to a World War III, but nobody, besides them, seemed to really care about their suggestions and warnings. All the others seemed to want was to become rich at the expense of their «gifts», when what the prodigies wanted nothing had to do with money.

When the hotel room’s phone ringed the next morning, Luna was still half asleep.

Yes?” asked with a sleepy voice.

There’s a man in the living room asking all the prodigies to meet him” said the receptionist.

Okay” and she hung up the call. That looked weird, but something was telling her to go down to the room. So, as fast as she could, the girl got dressed, ate the breakfast someone had left for her and went to the living room.


When all the prodigies came and accommodate themselves Sebastião presented himself, showed them the prophecy, explained all he knew about it and for ninety minutes they talked about their plans and projects. Until a great idea came up: create a portal to another dimension and bring the greatest legends of history and Men’s imagination, to convince, at least, the European population to open their eyes and change their attitude so that all worked for a better world. All agreed and in that same day the project was cast.

They worked moths and moths in the project until it was realize. Everyone had their role. Enzo, having the creativity gift, gave the idea. Sebastião and Adelina (numbers’ gift) proved it possible and created the portal. Rozalija (words’ gift) wrote letters to powerful people so they authorized and fund the project. And Klaus (persuasion gift) and Luna (languages’ gift) would be in charge of entering the portal and convince the legends to help them.


January had already come and Klaus was in a state of nerves. He still couldn’t believe this was real, that he was really in front of a portal to another dimension. That they had been financed and authorized to do this. His unconscious screamed: Impossible! Lie! But it was true and he was seeing it with his own eyes. What if… What if they couldn’t get there? What if they couldn’t come back? What if…? Thousands of questions haunted him.

Luna gave him two soft claps on his back.

Ready?” asked, confident and with a smile on her lips.

Never. I can’t stop thinking what might happen.” He knew he shouldn’t fall down like that, only keep the proud and confident attitude. But the words ran off his mouth and he was so nervous he couldn’t even think. Besides, it was Luna that was beside him. Who could resist that smile and that casual attitude of hers?

Don’t worry. Nothing’s going to happen.” Responded her with that smile, poking him shoulder against shoulder.

Are you always that confident?”

I have to be.” And that was all she said because Sebastião interrupted saying that the portal would open in ten seconds, that they only had twelve hours until they came back and that they could only bring ten legends with them.

Said that Luna gave him a hand with a little squeezed but didn’t let go. It would always be better to support each other. And then it came the countdown: 10… 9… 8… 7… 6… 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…


For Adelina time seemed to never pass. Her heart felt heavy in her chest afraid her counts had been wrong and that it could in any way harm Klaus and Luna.

But the wait passed and weight was in vain, because at the planned time they came with the ten legends. And what legends! The group had done a general choice, but it was completely different to see them at live and with colour. But here they were: Martin Luther King, Mandela, Thor, Flash, Shakespeare, Einstein, Luís de Camões, Amelia Earhart, Walt Disney and Leonardo Da Vinci. And, the next day, they would all speak in a international and live transmission at Terreiro do Paço in Lisbon. What an honour! Get to meet them and hear them defend their ideas. These would be some unforgettable days.


It was an unforgettable day for all of them, that and the next one. More and more people were coming, waiting near the stage for the legends and the prodigies.

The first to speak was Martin Luther King:

I had a dream that one day all would be treated like same and even me not being around anymore that wish was granted. Now are the young that have a dream and I dream with them because the Earth has to be saved and the Men’s mentality changed. And never forget this: once you destroy our planet there won’t be another one for you to go.

Then it was Thor explaining how his character was created and how it was possible to rule Asgard, his planet. And saying also that one time he had come to Earth to learn to have humility and that now was the time for humans to learn to create and transmit peace and concord, because without them humanity would be lost.

The next to talk was the Flash, explaining how it was possible to have access to others dimensions and how real they were:

Everything that exists and isn’t here is in a parallel dimension and if I, with my speed, can travel to the past and future, so why wouldn’t it be possible to reach others dimensions? The dimension where we live is where are all those that marked history and mankind in a way that they became immortal in world’s memory and those, like me, that be you were created and, somehow, also our stories stayed in the memory of the past and future generations.”

Walt Disney followed:

One day I created Disney so that children and their families could dream and is good to know that, when those children grow up, they dream even higher and fight for those dreams.”

All the legends spoke associating their speeches with their lives and the prodigies’ mission and giving suggestions of how to change this world for the better, the world that one day had been theirs too.

But Amelia Earhart’s speech was marked by its ending whose words impressed everybody:

I was the first women to fly across the Atlantic Ocean and these prodigies will be the youngest heroes and winners of great awards! Because I believe in them, in their mission and I believe you’ll help them in their path.”

From the audience claps and whistles are heard and the young prodigies were completely surprised not being able to believe what they had just heard. But apparently Amelia was right. Moths passed, had the legends already back to their dimension, the portal been closed and destroyed so that it wasn’t used with bed intentions and the prophecy and projects saved in the European Union’s safe, Sebastião adopted all the young prodigies and received at home a convocation letter for a prize award for the effort they had put in their mission and for open the eyes of humankind for the conservation of their world.

Klaus, after some lessons with the legends about politics, he entered in a law school and guaranteed a future position in the German government. The rest of the prodigies prepared for futures of prestige, but they still keep dreaming with a better world. And because of that Rozalija wrote a letter that Luna translates for all the languages that read it:

Because perfection is impossible, but is dreamed, we the prodigies, hope that we have changed this world where we live and the Men’s attitude for better, always dreaming that even better will come.”