Gabriel Plesea

Gabriel Plesea


Born in Bucharest, Romania, Gabriel Plesea’s university background includes a License in Philology from the University of Bucharest, and a Master’s Degree in International Affairs from Columbia University School of International Affairs.

His literary activity started as early as 1972 and continued after his immigration in the USA, in 1976.

A writer, translator and journalist, his work includes 4 novels, 2 literary criticism books, and 3 collections of articles published in various newspapers and magazines.

He enjoys traveling, sports, reading and writing.

He is married to Dr. Ana Cristina Plesea, a DDS, and they both live in New York City.

Gabriel Plesea: A Short Presentation

A Management Information Systems specialist until he decided to turn to full-time writing, Gabriel Plesea arrived in the United States in January 1976. He was joining his wife Ana Cristina, who had decided to « choose freedom » in early 1974, settling down in New York City. A licentiate of the University of Bucharest (majoring in English), Gabriel went to Columbia University’s School of International Affairs, and earned a Master’s Degree in 1979. His literary pursuits started in the ’70’s with translations of essays, poetry, short prose and novels, which he published back in Romania during 1970 – 1974 period in literary magazines (such as Ramuri, Secolul 20, Romanian Review, Tribuna, Viata Romaneasca). In the United States, after obtaining his MIA and while taking up courses in computer programming and system design, he expanded his area of literary interests to novel writing and journalism. After 1991, he has published four novels, one volume on contemporary American writers and one on Romanian writers in New York, along with five volumes of collected articles. In parallel he filed a series of literary columns with Jurnalul literar and Luceafarul, two literary magazines back in Bucharest. Since 1993 he has signed special correspondences on U.S. events for the daily Romania libera, also of Bucharest, covering the United Nations as well. For the Romanian publications in exile, he writes for New York Magazin (N.Y.) and was a frequent contributor to Lumea libera romaneasca (N.Y.) and to Dorul (Denmark).


Novelist, translator and journalist, born on August 9, 1942, in Bucharest. Residing in U.S. since 1976. Education: Licentiate in Philology (English major), Bucharest University (1967), Master of International Affairs, Columbia University (1979), New York. Published Work: Novels: Arunca painea ta pe ape (Cast Thy Bread Upon the Waters), 1994 (Romanian version of Bitter Be Thy Bread, New York, GP, 1989), Imposibila reintoarcere (The Impossible Return), 1996, Dosarul cu barfe (The Gossip File), 2000; The three novels have been brought together in one volume: Trilogia exilului (The Exile Trilogy), 2002; Destine intortocheate (Twisted Destinies), 2006; Literary Correspondence (in volume): Scriitori americani contemporani (Contemporary American Writers), 1997, Literary Criticism: Scriitori romani la New York (Romanian Writers in New York), 1998, (winner of The Neptune Literary Award, 1999); Articles (in volume): Corespondente din New York (Correspondences from New York), 1999, Concordia ca necesitate inteleasa (Concord as Accepted Necessity), 2001, Reporter la New York (Reporter in New York), 2004, Marasmul romanesc (Romanian Morass), 2011, Un reporter roman la Natiunile Unite (A Romanian Reporter at the United Nations), 2012; Translations: Charles Dickens, Pictures from Italy (Impresii din Italia), 1997, Michael Impey, Sweetheart’s Image in Tudor Arghezi’s Poetry (Imaginea iubitei in poezia lui Tudor Arghezi), 1974, Edgar Rice Burroughs, The Return of Tarzan (Intoarcerea lui Tarzan), 1973, 1993 & 2005, 5 Povesti cu cowboy, in collaboration, (Five short stories by O’Henry, Stephen Crane, John Graves), 1972, Piet Hein, Grooks (Grook-uri); Journalism: Numerous articles, book reviews, pieces on literary, art and political issues filed with Romania libera, Jurnalul Literar, Luceafarul (all of Bucharest), Lumea Libera Romaneasca (N.Y.), Dorul (Denmark), New York Magazin (N.Y.). Member of: USR, Romanian Writers’ Society, AZR, Romanian Journalists’ Association, Foreign Press Association, New York (President, 2004 – 2005), United Nations Correspondents Association, New York, American Romanian Academy of Arts and Sciences, USA.

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