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Mustapha Mbaye

Little Joe Murphy had recently become 9 years old. He celebrated it with a huge birthday party. All his friends came. Joe had lots of friends. He was a very happy and grateful boy with a wonderful family. He liked school unlike most of the kids of his age. He liked learning in school, because he had great teachers. Joe was happy about seeing his friends almost every day. Besides his many friends in school, Joe had a best friend called Ryan. On an ordinary day at school they planned a sleepover. They decided to sleep at Ryan’s house because Joe had never been there before. When Ryan came back home from school, he asked his father if Joe could come for a sleepover.
Ryan’s father was fine with it. He went to work afterwards and Ryan went to Joe’s house in order to pick him up. They had much fun and enjoyed the time together. They mainly played soccer on that day. It was already dark and they were still in the yard playing soccer.
They forgot about the time. All of a sudden Joe got a painful ache in his head although nothing had happened. Shortly after he realized that he had never felt that pain before, he saw a white car coming closer and parking at the street in front of Ryan’s house. Ryan wasn’t expecting his father to come home at that time. He hadn’t thought about it, because he had been too focused on playing soccer. But, fortunately, there wasn’t anything to worry about. It was dark but it wasn’t that late! It was 9 pm and his father told Ryan to go to bed at 10 pm. Ryan told Joe that the man behind the wheel of the white car was his father, who was coming back from work. Joe was curious because he had never seen Ryan’s father before.
Ryan and Joe went inside the house. They stood in the corridor as Ryan’s father came in. Joe was shocked by the look of Ryan’s father. He had a big scar on his face and devilish eyes. Ryan’s father looked very evil. Abruptly Joe’s headache became stronger.
But he carried his shock off very well. Joe smiled and said: “Hello, I’m Joe”. Ryan’s father asked confused: “You are Joe? “and Joe replied: “Yes, I am Joe”. That was all that Joe could recall after waking up in a hospital. Joe had pain all over his body and he had a black eye. What had happened to him?

Well, as Ryan’s father saw Joe he beat him down and was extremely violent towards Joe. Ryan, devastated because he wanted to help his best friend, couldn’t do anything. His fear held him back. He knew that his father was very strong so he didn’t do anything at all because he was scared. After Ryan’s father finished his misdeed, he threw Joe Murphy on the street in front of his house. He was injured but it wasn’t life-threatening. A neighbour found Joe lying on the street where it was deadly silent. He took him to the hospital. After Ryan’s father threw Joe on the street and came back inside the house, Ryan looked deep into his eyes and tried to find a good reason to understand why his father had done that. He finally asked his father, with a voice full of confusion, sadness and anger: “Why did you do that?“ To what his father replied: “You didn’t tell me that you have black friends! You will never meet him again, nor does anyone else like him. And if I ever catch you again spending time with such people you will suffer far more than Joe!”
To a child, whose soul and mind were yet untouched by the cruelty of this world; whose soul and mind were still pure, innocent and peaceful at that time, his father’s answer and what he had seen was totally incomprehensible and not justifiable at all. Out of fear of his father, Ryan stopped spending time with Joe Murphy. Not even in the school. Joe tried to talk to Ryan after he was released from the hospital, but Ryan ignored him. They were best friends and became strangers in less than a week. Ryan’s father was a racist. Ryan realized that and understood the meaning of racism as he grew older but it was never relatable to him he could never truly understand it.
Ryan could never truly understand why his father did what he did to his best friend. Joe and Ryan barely saw each other in school and they had not talked for such a long time. After finishing school, even though Ryan started to miss Joe Murphy and started to regret having ignore him as they were children, they never saw each other again.

I’m sure that racism will never die, but it will decrease within the next generations because these generations will learn from the mistakes of their ancestors. The future of mankind deserves faith, trust and hope.

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Mustafa Mbaye

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