Germany Third place Akvilina Zukauskaite- The story of my life

The story of my life

Akvilina Zukauskaite


Life is a game. Nobody knows the rules. We are playing it as good as we can. We often make mistakes and we try to correct them. Sometimes we can do it; sometimes it is to late…

I was born in 1976, in Kaunas city, into a rich family. Till an early age I had everything I wanted. I felt happy, I went to a good school, I had many friends, I met the most beautiful and popular girl (who later became my wife and the mother of my children) …

Well, that is how I spent my younger days. School, university, work… However recently and in a very short time, I think I may have lost the meaning of my life.

It seemed like was another regular Monday. In the evening, after work, I drove home. I decided to buy some flowers for my wife so I went to the shop. I bought a beautiful, red rose. I thought it was going to make my wife happy, because roses were her favourite type of flowers. I bought it, because I wanted to smooth things over (our relationship wasn’t at its best at the time). Unfortunately, when I returned home I found a note. It said that my wife and my two children – Tad and Emily- went to visit their aunt in her village.

At dawn I decided to go and pick them up.

I took a shower, got dressed and drove there. At 12 o‘clock I was already standing in the yard and waiting for my family to come. After a couple of minutes I saw my wife walking out of a luxurious house with two children holding her hand. As soon as Tad and Emily saw our car, they let their mother‘s hand and cheerfully and merrily ran towards the “Audi”. They run to the car and then my wife, Milda, saw me. My wonderful Milda who always looked amazing and whose perfumes… Her perfumes just made me crazy…

At noon we left that village.

Suddenly I was opening my eyes. I was in a bright room, lying in a bed and all I could see were dozens of tubes coming out of my body and some drips hanging. They were probably keeping my poor life “on”. All of a sudden I heard somebody talking, but I… I tried to answer, but I couldn‘t. I could hear a nurse and a doctor speaking. But I couldn‘t trust them!

-‘‘It was an accident; a passenger came under the truck wheels. Many deaths, bodies smashed, alive only one man and probably not for long time… He is in a coma now.‘‘

‘‘Death, death…‘‘ – I was walking on the bridge and this word was always on my mind. Ten years had passed by. Ten dirty, awful years, full of sorrow and suffering. I was standing in the middle of the bridge. I looked around. I walked closer to the edge. I was going over the handrail. I turned back. In my hand I still had the same bottle of vodka.

-‘‘I feel drunk, stupid, everything is my fault!‘‘- A tear fell on my cheek.

-‘‘For all this shit I feel guilty!‘‘- A second tear fell down.

I was standing and looking at the cold, solemn, dark, blue water. I was thinking about what the people would say… I almost could hear the voices of the crowd…

-‘‘ Another drinker, another homeless, just another useless person!” A moment passed and I decided to give up. I was falling into the iced water. I was sinking deeper and deeper… Just a old, desiccated rose fell out of my pocket, left my body and floated to the surface…

Life is a game. We are making mistakes here, but without them no matter how much it hurts, it would not be interesting enough to live, because that little human victories, moments of happiness would not be so sweet and priceless.

Barmbeck Troisieme

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