Julie Maroh


French author


Writer and drawer born in 1985 (30 years old) in Lens (industrial and mine city in the northern part of France). She studied art in Brussels.

She began writing her first novel when only 19. It was published in 2008.

She is particularly well known for her first graphic novel called : Blue is the warmest color, awarded at the famous Angoulême comic festival in 2011.

The novel became a movie called « La vie d’Adèle » by Abdelatif KECHICHE. The movie received the most important award at the movie festival of Cannes : Palme d’Or.

Her second novel « Skandalon » was released in 2013, it deals with a pop rock star.

The story :

« Blue is the warmest colour » tells the story of a teenaged girl, who discovers her homosexuality.


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