Tours, November 2014


Romania’s report : The meeting in Tours (France), November 2014

Day 1 : Workshop

Division of responsibilities for each participant country:

  • France – website and blog
  • Portugal – book
  • Poland – report after every meeting
  • Italy – questions – questionnaires for teachers and pupils before and after the meeting
  • Lithuania – criteria for the selection of the logo
  • Germany – Twinspace
  • Romania – DVD
Presentations of the institutions and of the team members in the school’s amphitheatre
Speech by the school’s headmaster and a filmed speech of a representative of the National Agency in France

Mobilities calendar

  •  a calendar on Google Drive to be filled in with holidays and exams
  •  28th April – 2nd May 2015, Portugal
  •  26th June – 1st July 2015, Germany
  • 21st September – 25th September 2015, Romania
  • February 2016 – Lithuania
  • first week of June 2016 –Italy
  • A google address has been created: (password: 24November2014) and an ICS calendar (International Calendar Standard)
  • Portugal was chosen for the first mobility with pupils because there will be a festival at that time in Lagos. The pupils and the teachers may take advantage of this, they will cooperate and will plan their activities after they participate in the festival which will offer them the opportunity to get into direct contact with Portugal’s culture, traditions and customs.
  • In Germany, there is an international film festival where the coordinating teachers will participate and will share the experiences of the working team from their own country, but they will also train their pupils to make short films.

Day 2

The pupils’ activities were discussed both in school and on the blog, on theTwinspace, and also the teachers’ activities.

Before the meeting in Portugal:

  • – the pupils will log on to the Twinspace – 10 pupils from each country
  •  At first, they present themselves (deadline – 10th January)
  •  They will answer the question: “What does commitment mean to you?” and they will comment on the opinions from other two countries, answering probable future questions (10th January – 1st February)
  •  The pupils make an abstract of the answers and of the comments made by pupils from another country  a power point presentation by the end of February, e.g. “What do French think about commitment?”
  •  The pupils will make a power point presentation with the conclusions of all comments about their own author (e.g. Romania summarizes and comments on the conclusions about the Romanian author) – by the end of March, on Twinspace
  •  the teachers enter and sign in on Twinspace (the coordinating teachers) by the 1st December

The common instruments that we can post on Google Drive were discussed. We have already posted, in the 2nd and the 3rd days of the activity, the following:

  • – the assessment instruments for short-stories (marking scheme – given by the Romanian team)
  • – a Google calendar
  • – guidelines for the organizations of logos: 3 logos will be sent to Portugal, via Google Drive, by 15th April and will be printed by the Portuguese team, to be displayed for the partners’ arrival

A deadline has been established for sending the title of the book or of the short-story.

the author, data about the author and an extract from the book/the short-story, which will be before 5th December 2014. A problem from the period 1970-2000 will be considered. After reading all the short-stories/the book extracts, the pupils must answer 4 common questions and 2 different questions posted by each country.

The 4 common questions are:

  • What’s the central theme/subject?
  • What type of character is the main one? (dynamic / static)
  • What’s the narrator’s point of view? (1st/3rd person; detachment/commitment)
  • What was the impact the story had on you? Has it brought any change?

It has been agreed that France will make the website and the blog of the project

For the website, all countries will send:

  • the address of the school
  • a link to the site of the school
  • a Movie Maker about the city and the school (3 minutes) – deadline: 15th January 2015

In Portugal, pupils will work on and exploit the conclusions at which they arrived, on Twinspace, after reading the 7 literary works.

Day 3

  1. The pupils must be prepared for the meeting in Romania when the 7 short-stories/book extracts (one for each country) will be presented. The pupils will work individually or in pairs and they will create a short-story after the meeting in Portugal, following the presented CAUSES. The short-story will have at least 1000 words and Arial 12 font will be used. 10-20 short-stories will be created, and, using the common instruments on Google Drive, these will be assessed and the best will be presented at the meeting in Romania.
  1. For the meeting in Germany, the teachers must think of the tools that will be used to make the movie for the 2015-2016 school year.

Also for this meeting:

  • how we assess ourselves
  • how we assess the pupils
  • an assessment plan
  • common assessment instruments
  1. The dissemination plan (page 31) was discussed and everybody has come to the conclusion that all the teachers, the pupils and the parents involved will follow the suggested steps.


  • 1st December – teachers on Twinspace
  • 5th December – sending the short-story (the problem situated in 1970-2000) and data about the author
  • 15th January – data for the web (school, address, movie about school and city)
  • 10th December – pupils present themselves on Twinspace (10 pupils)

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