STS Barmbek

  1. Description: « 3 in 1 – jointly unique » – this is the way to summarize and characterize the extraordinary fusion of our three schools. Thus experiences and advantages are combined.

The already diverse, differentiated offers of the three individual sites are coordinated and developed. Day school, differentiated offers of promotion, three excellent forms of career orientation and unique profiles  with « head, heart and hand » in the secondary education. It ranges from chess as a subject to the European Computer Driving Licence and to the students’ enterprise « tiehloh-bike », one of the first student  business centers at school. Study orientation will be offered with six high school profiles « under one roof » in upper secondary: Physics, biology, politics, history, arts, sports. All courses are offered, aiming at the highest possible qualifications.

  1. Role in the project:

We want to bring to the project, especially our experience and expertise in the following areas:

– Promoting German and English language skills in writing short stories about social themes

– Promoting STEM skills (experience by collaborating with MINTprax AURUBIS, 2013-2014 school climate and the EU project Co2ol-Bricks, a program of heritage and energetic refurbishment)

– Promotion of theatre play (experience through Comenius training « Historical Recreation », project « cultural agents for creative schools », project « Step by Step », activities of trained drama teachers and actors, Comenius project « Art Builds Cultural Diversity »)

– Promotion of « European citizenship » (experience through award-winning professional orientation with migrants and children with-be migrant background -> 3x Seal of Quality)

– Anchoring the European idea of history projects, make the development of the European integration experience

– We want to bring our experiences from the project « Pocket Movie » and the training « European Views sharing – Making sense of the world through multimedia » into video projects about short films with a cause

  1. General and social context:

– Our 3 school sites are in Barmbek, a traditional working-class neighbourhood that is in transition

– Our school has a social index to KESS factor of 3, i.e. « Tend burdened social situation of the student body »

– The percentage of students  with an immigrant background is at our school about 80 percent

– In six international preparatory classes (5-9) and a literacy class immigrants without knowledge of German are prepared to be taught in mainstream classes

– The number of unaccompanied refugees increases. We started special programs for integration and language learning.

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