Zidiku Peckauskaites

Our school is situated in a small town of Zidikai which has a distinctive and interesting history, as well as deep traditions. It is located in the north west of Lithuania, about 24 kilometres away from the region center Mazeikiai. The school is named after a Lithuanian writer Marija Peckauskaite who was famous for her educative and altruistic activities. That is why the vision of our school today is to educate an inspired person prepared for the future civil life. There are 28 teachers working at school who communicate and cooperate with their social partners from various other organizations in order to be active themselves and to make the students to be occupied both at school and in their leisure time. Our school is proud to take an active part in volunteering, various charity actions, e.g. helping elderly people, participating in common projects with partners living in the borderland. Moreover, our students (with the help of a competent teacher) have mastered various art techniques, i.e. painting on the silk, paper cuttings, linen carvings, oil painting, etc. Apart from the previously mentioned activities every summer our school organizes creative workshops for students where they develop their musical, art and drama skills. The national language is Lithuanian, besides our students can speak English, German and Russian.

Presentation movie : Zidiku Marijos Peckauskaites vidurine mokykla, Mazeikiai region – Lithuania

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