Winner of short story contest Italia

The spoiled Boy


There was once a little boy, called Mario who, lived in Milan with his family. His
parents were very rich and they spoilt him because he was their only child. When he
wanted a new toy he didn’t even ask: it was in his bedroom the day after. When he
was at the table things went even worse. He asked for ten different things to eat and
when the servants bought them to him he said that he had changed his idea. The food
was thrown away. He didn’t realise he was wasting a lot of food. He spent his time
with friends who behaved like him.
One day his family decided to go on holiday to Africa. They spent some days in a
luxurious residence at the seaside and they went on a safari. They saw a lot of
interesting animals and they took a lot of beautiful pictures.
One morning while he was waiting for his parents he saw a boy. He was wearing dirty
clothes and he was looking for some leftovers in the rubbish in the bin of the hotel.
At first Mario didn’t understand what he was doing but when he asked him what he
was doing he answered he was very hungry and so he was looking for some food. They
started to meet every day and they became friend. Mario discovered that not
everybody was lucky like him but there were a lot of poor kids in the world. Mario
became friends with many other poor people and he realised that there were a lot of
poverty and hunger.
After two weeks in Africa Mario come back home and while he was at home he
thought about the days he had spent in Africa and about Mustafa and his poverty.
For this reason he began to eat everything, he didn’t want to waste food anymore.
Everybody was surprised about this and wanted to know what was the reason of this
change. His parents didn’t recognise him, they were worried, so one day he decided to
tell them about the terrible life conditions of Mustafa, his family and his friends. His
parents were really upset and decided to give help to Mustafa. They went back to
Africa and brought food, water and many other things like clothes and toys to the
poor people of that village. When they arrived in Africa the two children were very
happy to meet each other again. In addiction the rich family of Mario decided to build
a charity foundationto help African villages.


Link : the-spoiled-boy

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